The management of the auditor’s access rights on the ViaSyst Database has been improved to give to the CBs the possibility to manage auditor’s access to the data entered easily.

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Implementation of FSSC V4 on the ViaSyst SaaS platform is ready for the 1st of July 2017. CBs will access to it as they apply by FSSC over the next months.

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The instructions for use for the ViaSyst database are available on the ViaSyst platform since the beginning. Over the time, it appeared that some questions need FSSC statements or explanations ahead of ViaSyst instructions on how to deal with it in the database. Therefore, FSSC and ViaSyst opened a joint FAQ knowledge base.


The ISO TS 22003:2007 is no more be applicable since mid-December 2016. This impacts on the use of the ViaSyst database.

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The validation of the Auditor qualification folder on the ViaSyst Database has been simplified to facilitate data entering and consistency.

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It is the responsibility of the CB to ensure the accuracy of the information related to certified organization on the ViaSyst Database. To ensure consistency over the time, from one audit to the other, this information now only can be updated in the Organization’s page, so that the correct information is carried over by the next audit.

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New warnings are added as necessary in the ViaSyst Database in order to help CBs avoiding some mistakes during data entering. This is now the case for the “Audit date” field.

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A new prefilled helpline form is available on the ViaSyst Database to allow users contacting ViaSyst Team more easily.

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FSSC requires that the audit data related to every yearly audit shall be uploaded in a timely manner in the ViaSyst database. ViaSyst created a specific view (called “FSSC Audit History”) to allow CBs to monitor and identify all certified organisations for which the last audit data are missing.

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The FSSC 22000 Board of Stakeholders (BoS) has decided on May 21, 2014 that it will no longer be permitted to use PAS 223 for FSSC 22000 certification after November 1, 2014.

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