FSSC Audit History


FSSC requires that the audit data related to every yearly audit shall be uploaded in a timely manner in the ViaSyst database. ViaSyst created a specific view (called “FSSC Audit History”) to allow CBs to monitor and identify all certified organisations for which the last audit data are missing.

Starting point & Rationale

FSSC 22000 requires to enter audit data for each yearly audit.

This data entering shall be performed within 3 months (= action plan validation time frame) + 4 weeks (= data entering time frame required by FSSC).

The question is therefore, for the CB, to identify and access easily the organisations missing this information.

Implemented evolution or improvement

In this context and to help CBs to monitor and analyze their own entered Data, ViaSyst implemented a tool “FSSC audit History” that gives an overview of the data entering status for all organisations with at least one valid and not expired certificate.

Implications & Recommendations

Detailed instructions for the use of the “FSSC Audit History” tool are provided in the following item of the ViaSyst Instructions for use knowledge base.