Validation of FSSC auditor qualification simplified


The validation of the Auditor qualification folder on the ViaSyst Database has been simplified to facilitate data entering and consistency

Starting point & Rationale

The FSSC auditor database has 2 sections:

      1. FSSC Auditor Register

      2. FSSC Auditor Desk Review

Once the “FSSC Auditor Register” was validated, you had to unlock and revalidate it each time that IP FSSC asked you to complete the “FSSC Auditor Desk Review”.

Implemented evolution or improvement

In order to simplify the update & validation process, the validation of both sections has been dissociated.

Implications & Recommendations

From now, the section "FSSC Auditor Desk Review" will remain accessible for data entering, even if the “FSSC Auditor Register” has been previously validated.

So, you now only need to unlock the “FSSC Auditor Register” in case you have to update specifically this section.

Detailed instructions on how to validate/unlock an auditor FSSC qualification are provided in the following item of the ViaSyst Instructions for use knowledge base.