Edition of the organization’s information


It is the responsibility of the CB to ensure the accuracy of the information related to certified organization on the ViaSyst Database. To ensure consistency over the time, from one audit to the other, this information now only can be updated in the Organization’s page, so that the correct information is carried over by the next audit.

Starting point & Rationale

The database did allow to edit and update organization related information (Organization name, address, city…) within the audit folder. This led sometimes to mistakes: different data on the different audits of the same organisation.

Implemented evolution or improvement

To avoid these mistakes, the possibility to edit the organization related information in the Audit folder has been blocked. The fields “organisation name” and organisation address” are no more visible in the Audit folder page.

Implications & Recommendations

From now, the organisation related information (Organisation name, address, city…) shall be edited and updated in the “Organisation” page. This action will update the information in all new audits related to this organisation.