FSSC V4 implementation


Implementation of FSSC V4 on the ViaSyst SaaS platform is ready for the 1st of July 2017. CBs will access to it as they apply by FSSC over the next months.

Other news related to changes linked to FSSC 22000 V4 implementation will follow, but for now, the following minor changes are visible and applicable for all CBs:

Harmonization of the “Category” and “Scope description” vocabulary and insertion of “Accreditation body” name field in CB profile.

Starting point & Rationale

The description of the organization’s scope activity and food chain category are part of the information that FSSC requires to be entered on the ViaSyst Database for each FSSC 22000 certified organization.

To ensure the implementation of FSSC V4, the used vocabulary needed to be aligned with the new FSSC 22000 scheme version.

Additionally, the accreditation body covering the certification has to be specified for each certificate for FSSC 22000 V4.

Implications & Recommendations

The vocabulary used in the different pages of the ViaSyst Database has now been aligned with the FSSC 22000 V4 communication documents, i.e.:

  • “Scope description” for the description of certified activities
  • “Category” for the ISO 22003 food chain category “CI, CII, …”

Regarding the accreditation body, a new field has been added in the CB profile, and CBs now have to update their profile as per the following instructions.