Performance Rating


Third party certification needs trust for all users

Trust is built on measurable facts, evidence and indicators

One click. All data available, fully exploitable





The ViaSyst platform provides the following performance related information:

For scheme owners and certification bodies:

  • KPIs & Indicators on CBs performance
  • CB Rating & Ranking
  • Overview & details of breaches to scheme integrity rules

For groups:

  • Access to all sites audit & certification data (inclusive CSV extracts)
  • Overview of certification status of sites
  • CB performance & benchmarking on KPIs & integrity parameters

For retailers or major buyers:

  • Access to suppliers audit & certification data 
  • Suppliers’ performance & benchmarking on KPIs


Data users & decision makers need real-time concise, visual & comprehensive, data display for proceeding to their risk & assurance analysis

The ViaSyst platform opens on a executive synthetic performance dashboard, tailored according needs of relevant users (e.g. scheme owners, groups, retailers, …)

This unique dashboard allows performance monitoring and benchmarking, down to the last relevant detail